Transportation Jobs by WJY&A

Job Name
Oceanside-Escondido Rail Project
Pasadena Yard and Shop
Pomona to Montclair CTO 01
Riverside Layover Facility
Fontana and Rialto Stations
Camarillo Station
Pomona Station Double Platform Addition
MTA CNG – Division 2, 6, 9
MTA Division 3 Trillium
MTA Elevators
MTA Elevators, Civic Center
MTA Elevators, Pershing Square
MTA Elevators, Hollywood/Vine
MTA Elevators, Wilshire/Vermont
Indio Transportation Center
MTA Division 11
San Fernando Valley BRT
SFV BRT, Stations and Canopies
SFV BRT, Stations & Canopies, Post Suspension
SFV BRT, Warner Center
SFV BRT, Sign & Mapcase Revisions
SFV BRT, Plaza Design
NSDCTD On-Call – Maintenance
NSDCTD On-Call, Revisions During Addendum
NSDCTD On-Call, Revisions During Addendum
NSDCTD, Original Contract to Design
NSDCTD, Maintenance Facility HVAC Change
NSDCTD, Incorporate DSA Review Comments
NSDCTD, Additional Power & Utility
MTA Division 8
MTA Division 8, Training Offices
MTA Division 8, Bridge Crane
MTA Division 8, Bridge Crane, MTA Doing Work
MTA Division 8, HVAC Redesign
Electrical Engineering – MTA

Projects in China by WJY&A

In the 1990’s WJY&A was actively involved in high-rise building construction projects in China.  We provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering design services as well as feasibility studies.  Below is a list of some of the major China projects we did in Shanghai, Suzhou, and Shi Jia Zhuang.


Year Job Name 工程名称
1991 Shanghai World Plaza 上海世界大厦
1994 Shanghai Petroleum Building 上海石化大厦
1994 Shanghai Far East Int’l Bldg 上海远东国际大厦
1995 Dong Hai Plaza – Shanghai 上海东海大厦
1997 Shanghai Housing 上海住宅设计
1997 Suzhou Office Tower 苏州工业园区办公大楼
1998 Ag Bank Bldg., Suzhou, China 苏州农业银行大厦
1996 Yan Du Hotel, Shi Jia Zhuang 石家庄燕都旅店